Connecticut, Home of the Stars

There are many talented and intelligent people, public figures, who, one way or another, represent the US around the world. While everybody knows a few things about their activity, few know their birthplace or where they lived in different periods of their life. From this point of view, you would be surprised to find out how many famous people were born in Connecticut or were residents of this state.

Famous Connecticut Politicians

  • George W. Bush – The eldest son of another prominent statesman, the former US president George H. W.Bush, he was born on July 6th, 1946, in New Haven. His political career includes a mandate as a governor of Texas and two consecutive terms as president of the US. The terrorist attacks from 9/11 2001, the military campaigns against Afghanistan and Iraq, along with the financial crisis that began in 2008, are some of the most important events that marked the period Bush spent as the head of Administration.
  • Henry Kissinger – Born in the town of Furth, in Bavaria, Germany, he was a resident of Kent, Connecticut, for the greatest part of his life as an US citizen. Considered one of the most influential figures of the American and world diplomacy, Kissinger held the position of Secretary of State during the Nixon and Ford administrations. In 1973, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the role he played in putting an end to the Vietnam War.

Well-Known Writers Who Lived in Connecticut

  • Mark Twain – One of the most famous American authors, he owned a house in Hartford, where he lived for 20 years. During this time, he wrote two of his masterpieces, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court also dates from this period.
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe – Known for writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the novel that played a great role in intensifying the efforts for the abolition of slavery, she was born in the town of Litchfield, Connecticut, in 1811. Together with her husband, reverend Calvin Stowe, she was one of the important pillars of the abolitionist movement, her literary work reflecting her ideas.

Other Celebrities Living in Connecticut

  • Bruce Jenner – As an athlete, he is mostly known for being the Decathlon gold medalist at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games, in Montreal. However, he is also famous for starring in CHiPs, a TV series with an enormous success to the public in the 1980s.
  • Meg Ryan – The roles she played in When Harry Met Sally, Addicted to Love or Sleepless in Seattle brought her fame and fortune, but only few people know that the actress spent the greatest part of her childhood in Fairfield.

Connecticut, a Heaven of Public Gardens

The parks and public gardens from Connecticut are emblematic for the way in which a small part of the traditional, charming lifestyle of the Southerners is still conserved in this state. A walk on the alleys of any of them, watching the multitude of colorful flowers and smelling their sweet perfume is the best way to relax and leave your worries behind.

The Most Popular Public Gardens in Connecticut

  • Elizabeth Park Rose Garden – It has a surface of 2.5 acres and it is situated on 150 Walbridge Road, in the west part of Hartford. More than 15,000 bushes of roses, representing over 800 varieties, can be admired in the Heritage Rose Garden and All America Selection Garden. A multitude of events are organized here, such as classic music concerts and festivals celebrating the representative flower of the garden, the rose.
  • Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens – Located on 151 Brookdale Road, in Stamford, it spreads on over 63 acres. Besides serving as a place of recreation for the great public, it has a great scientific value as well, mainly because of the rare plant varieties it shelters. These are grouped in nine themed gardens, the Secluded Garden, containing perennial plants that need little maintenance, the Conifer Garden, with its incredible variety of pine and fir species, and the Heisinger Wildflower Garden being the most popular among visitors.
  • Connecticut College Arboretum – This impressive collection of trees and plants is divided into four sections, each of them situated at a different address. Route 32 is mainly known for the splendid shrubs and ornamental trees brought from all over the world, while the Edgerton and Stengel Gardens include one of the largest collections of wildflowers, not only from Connecticut, but also from the entire country. The arboretum itself covers a surface of 20 acres and is located between Williams Street and Gallows Lane.
  • Eklund Garden – What makes it special is the fact that it is dedicated exclusively to endemic plant varieties. The garden is placed on the ruins of a cabin, on 10 Oak Valley Road, in Shelton. It is the favorite destination of those who want to find out more about the flora in the area, but also for hiking amateurs, who can get there by following the Shelton Lakes Greenway system of trails.

A sunny day, with a crystal-clear, blue sky and a light breeze gently cooling the air is all you need to enjoy the beauty of these public gardens, shiny jewels decorating the landscape of Connecticut.

The State of Connecticut – Home of Some of the Most Famous American Universities

When asked what Connecticut is famous for, many residents of the state will tell you that it is the state where Hartford, the native city of the former US president, George W. Bush, is located, while others will assure you it is well-known as one of the 13 states that originally formed the United States.

However, Connecticut is also known for the great concentration of prestigious universities, reputed scientists, writers and statesmen from all over the world completing their education here.

Yale University

  • Short history - It was established in 1701, this making it the third oldest university in the US. Initially known under the name of Collegiate School, in 1718 it received the name of Yale College, as a tribute to the then-governor of the British East India Company, who made a generous donation to the college. In 1861, Yale was the first university in the US to award a Ph.D diploma. In the fourth decade of the 20th century, it underwent a major eform process, 12 residential colleges being established.
  • Famous alumni – The former US presidents Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and William Howard Taft and the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Monti, are some of the famous politicians to have graduated here. Numerous inventors, such as Eli Whitney and Samuel F. B. Morse, as well as reputed scientists, like Francis S. Collins or Ernest Lawrence, are on the list of Yale’s famous alumni.

Wesleyan University

  • Short history – The institution was established in 1831, in Middletown, being named after John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church. It is known mainly for being one of the first universities in the US to grant women access to superior education, starting with 1872. At the end of the 1950’s, Wesleyan University was reorganized, a great number of new, interesting specializations being introduced in the curricular area. Currently, the Wesleyan University is involved in sponsoring a multitude of abroad study programs, those in Italy, France, Germany and Mexico being the most famous.
  • Famous alumni – The poets Donald Hall, Mark Strand and Richard Wilbur graduated here, along with the Nobel Prize winner, the writer T. S. Eliott. The former US president Woodrow Wilson is also on the list of notable alumni of the Wesleyan University.

The University of Hartford and the Trinity College are two other prestigious institutions in Connecticut that succeeded to consolidate and maintain their reputation as providers of superior education at the highest standards.